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we are a producer and exporter of shisha charcoal,sawdust,hexa briquettes made from 100% coconut shells,our production is located in indonesia and of course we can get our raw materials in indonesia too,namely coconut shells,where the quality of coconut shells there is very outstanding normal compared to other countries

we  really control every step of our production,starting from the selection of coconut shells,cleanliness of coconut shells to the end of our production our production quantity in 1 month can reach 4 containers, we are willing to produce charcoal briquettes with what cutomers ask for and what they want starting from quality,size and packaging


Natural, High quality, Non Toxic, No Chemical


Healty Clean, Smokeless, Odorless, Tasteless

Fine Process

Great quality, Green, Renewable, Certificated


Ready for Request Packing & Private Labeling (OEM)

premium quality briquettes and platinum

as the produser and exporter of briquettes charcoal,we are commited to only providing 100% coconut shells charcoal that we get in indonesia 


briquettes shisha


Briquettes sawdust


hexagonal briquettes


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we and  our two teams will always provide comfort to our cutomers and we will give the best response to our customers and for sure we will provide the best products for our customer at prices that are not too high 


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We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of charcoal briquettes

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